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Peruvian Hot Sauce
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This is the most common way you hear it described, because it's so much more than just a simple hot sauce. Made with the Peruvian Ají Amarillo Pepper, cultivated deep in the Andes mountains, it's a true staple in Peruvian households and authentic eateries that adds rich flavor and a kick of heat to your favorite foods. 


Open a jar and you'll find an addicting dipping sauce for your fries. A spicy and creamy sandwich spread. A flavor-packed sauce for your grilled chicken and steak. And yes, an incredible hot sauce for your pizza, rice, wings, noodles, seafood, soup, and everything else under the sun.

Try it once and you'll soon slather it on everything.

Known in Spanish as Ají Verde, BLACK LLAMA - Peruvian Hot Sauce is the culinary byproduct of the Peruvian diaspora and the uniquely rich cuisine they bring from their homeland. Found only in home kitchens and traditional restaurants ...until now.


This "spicy green sauce" is your gateway to the authentic and absurdly delicious. Enjoy.


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